biele odznaky Donovalkova

You have hours packed with adventure, fun and action ahead of you. The entire team of DONOVALKOVO wishes you lots of fun and joy during your stay.
However, we need to draw your attention to some regulations and concrete rules of behaviour that apply on the entire premises of DONOVALKOVO.
Please be considerate and cautious in whatever you do. This means first and foremost assuming responsibility for yourself and others and observing the rules of politeness.

Safety comes first for DONOVALKOVO. By conforming to the rules below you support our endeavours in this regard.
Possessing or carrying weapons or dangerous objects (firearms, cut and thrust weapons, brass knuckles, pepper spray, other gas-spraying tins, flammable liquids, etc.) is not permitted on the entire premises of DONOVALKOVO. The same holds true for bringing in and consuming any kind of drinks or drugs.
Persons who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be refused entrance to the DONOVALKOVO premises.

Smoking is allowed only in specially designated areas outside DONOVALKOVO. Inside there is absolutely forbidden !
Visitors must conform to the additional rules and regulations posted at the park entrance.
Absolutely no pets allowed.
Children below eight years of age will be admitted only when accompanied by an adult.
Parents and accompanying adults are hereby advised to exercise their duty of supervision because DONOVALKOVO is in no position to relieve them of it. In that context, parents or supervising adults will be responsible for any damage caused by children under their supervision.
DONOVALKOVO regrets that refunds will not be issued due to inclement weather. If you come prepared you will still have a great day!
DONOVALKOVO is not liable for items that are handed over to employees or otherwise stored or deposited on the premises of the park. No liability is accepted for items (for example, mobile phones, jewellery, cameras, clothing, etc.), which sustain damage or are destroyed or lost during the use of rides, attractions, shows or facilities.
Technical or organisational outages of individual rides, attractions, shows, or other facilities shall not result in an entitlement to a full or partial refund of the admission fee paid.
In case of strong winds, impaired visibility, thunderstorms or severe weather, DONOVALKOVO shall be entitled to shut down the operation of individual or all rides and facilities for the protection of visitors. There shall be no entitlement to a full or partial refund of the admission fee paid. Please check the weather forecast BEFORE you enter the park.