Do you know, what you want to be, when you grow up?

Don’t wait until you grow up. Come to Donovalkovo, the capital city of children and you can become a firefighter, policeman, banker, car racer, doctor and a lot more.

Minicity & minifarm  come to see our mini animals. These animals are miniatures, they will not grow bigger.

Donovalkovo, where adults want to be kids !

Welcome to Donovalkovo, the enchanting minicity that is the capital of fun and imagination for children.

Our interactive city is designed specifically for kids between the ages of 2 and 10, providing them with a safe and engaging environment to play and explore. Say goodbye to screens and technology as your children immerse themselves in a world of fun and creativity.

While your little ones are busy having a blast, don’t forget to bring a book and head to our cozy Patty bistro terrace, where you can enjoy a refreshing drink and relax while keeping an eye on your little ones.

Donovalkovo is the perfect destination for a family day out, where both children and parents can enjoy a memorable experience.

Cars & Donovalkovo

With our huge selection of bikes, cars everybody will found something to enjoy on our roads…

Interested in our Minicity? You want to build one for yourself, or just a house for your kids?

Our main product line focuses on providing enchanting playhouses for business environments. Whether you own a daycare, preschool, or any child-centric establishment, LILLIPUTIA offers the perfect solution to enhance the play experience and create a magical atmosphere for young imaginations to thrive.

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