Deti v kostýmových šatách z rozprávky frozen, sa fotia spolu so snehuliakom pred zámkom v Donovalkove.

Do you know, what you want to be, when you grow up?

Don’t wait until you grow up. Come to Donovalkovo, the capital city of children and you can become a firefighter, policeman, banker, car racer, doctor and a lot more.

Minicity & minifarm  come to see our mini animals. These animals are miniatures, they will not grow bigger.


Donovalkovo, where adults want to be kids !

We welcome children from 2 to 10 years old  in our interactive city. You don’t have to worry, your kids will forget about mobile phones, tablets, internet, and they will just play and have fun for hours. Don’t forget to bring a book with you, so you can relax in our Patty bistro with a cold drink.

You can also rent costumes for your children, for a better playing experience.

Cars & Donovalkovo

With our huge selection of bikes, cars everybody will found something to enjoy on our roads…